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Pointers for Choosing the Right Web Development Company — September 1, 2021

Pointers for Choosing the Right Web Development Company

Are you a startup looking for an online presence? Do you need custom website developer Calgary for your startup? You may find a good partner for your web development needs to help you get an effective presence over the internet.

As a startup bootstrapping your way to success, you definitely do not have a luxury budget for the website. Each cent is valued and must be invested wisely. You should try to achieve the maximum benefits from the money you’ve set aside for website development.

You have an idea for web design and you get started with it. Once the website is live, you sit back and wait for sales online (ops, wait!). After two months, you are disappointed as there are no inquiries on your website. You lose all hope and then look for new business ideas.

Designing a website alone won’t help as there are several other factors startup owners should consider for starting up their business. It is important to drive traffic to the website once it is made live. Along with a user-friendly website and optimization, you should make sure that your website is easy to navigate. The site should deliver a good user experience.

When entrepreneurs take the first step into their business field, they should hire the best website developer to help them get a fast loading website to make their dreams come true. Having a well optimized and intuitive website that performs well is a dream of every startup owner.

Organizing and Planning Website Development

It is crucial to plan website design and development in advance. You can talk to our experts at Cornerstone offering custom web development Calgary services to get expert ideas and then compare them with yours.

Being an experienced web development company in Calgary, we have a team of growth hackers who can provide great ideas for your business.

Also, we have expertise in building websites for businesses or industries similar to yours. For instance, if you need an eCommerce store, we can provide you with our portfolio for eCommerce websites we have designed in the past. This will ensure that your project is in safe hands.

Responsive Website

Have you checked if your site is mobile-friendly? With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is essential to make your website compatible with all the major devices. Your website should look well on desktop as well as mobile phones. A responsive website is a must for any business to reach the maximum number of audience.

The visitors should be able to find what they are looking for. What does a user expect when he visits a website? He needs the right information he’s looking for. If the user is not able to find the information within a few seconds, he may leave your site and never come back.

Provide relevant information to your customers along with exceptional UX. Mobile users are five times more likely to abandon a website as compared to desktop experience.

Research Your Competition

Have you identified your competitors? It is important to do some research for your competitors while starting your business. To differentiate direct and indirect competition. Keep an eye on what the competitors are doing.

How can you do it differently and more innovative? Check out the latest trends in the industry and develop your website according to that. You can ask the web designers to conduct competitor research and identify what strategies should be planned to help you stay ahead in the race. And make sure you have a business plan!

Use the Power of Social Media

Do you think that you may spend ages developing one single social media post? Those days are gone. In-the-moment content is a very important trend that you must use on your favor. Join the conversation! Create Stories for your Instagram or leave your impressions on a LinkedIn subject that is hot at this exact moment. Social media can do wonders for your business.

It is a reliable platform for startup businesses these days. You can use social media platforms to spread the word about your startup. If you do not have the knowledge and experience of creating profiles and posting over social networking platforms, you can seek help from experts. Social media is a powerful platform that can boost your sales and skyrocket your sales within no time.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among users as they make our lives simpler and easier. You can think of building a mobile app for your startup and offer some unique features to the users.

Hiring best webseite developer in Calgary

Do not worry if you don’t have a huge budget for app development as you can start with some basic features for your mobile app and then add more once the app becomes popular. We are firm believers of the lean startup method.

There are many mobile app development agencies providing cost-effective solutions to small businesses as well as startups. What makes us different from the other companies is that we deliver user-centric mobile apps that keep the users glued to their mobile devices for hours. As 94.5% of the available apps for download are free and among the paid apps only 0.01% will become financially successful, the decision of which mobile app developer will be your partner is essential to your strategy.

How to Hire the Best Custom Web Development Company?

There are many companies offering custom website development services. Hiring a reliable and trustworthy company may not be an easy task. That’s where we come into the picture.

Check out our case studies and reviews before hiring us. We want your decision to be a long-term one that will benefit your business. Feel free to ask for past client references and talk to them to get an idea about the services delivered to them.

You may ask us as many questions as you may have and clarify all the doubts while hiring Cornerstone Digital for your custom web development needs in Calgary and anywhere else.

Always look for scalable solutions for your startup as you may need to expand your website features and mobile app functionality later on. It can be a good idea to build a CMS website so that you can manage it and expand as your business grows.

Our company offers comprehensive custom web development solutions. Our professionals stay connected and guide the customers’ right from idea conceptualization to the successful launch of the website for startups.

Even after the website is launched, you will need help with marketing and promotion of your products and services. We always think of building long-term business relationships with partner agencies and ensure that you get the maximum ROI. No matter what your requirements may be, we always make sure that you get the best value for the money you invest in your startup.

We have helped many startups to grow through lean and agile processes and we will be glad to be part of your story.

Benefits of Ecommerce for Small Business — January 2, 2021

Benefits of Ecommerce for Small Business

It was the early 90th when the development of the Internet boosted with startling speed. And e-commerce has become an important element of the economic process of the Internet sphere. Before eCommerce was invented, websites were mainly built to present companies or other publishing activities. Electronic commerce is regarded as the first major move towards direct communication between users through the Internet. After overcoming some technical obstacles, like slow and unstable Internet connection, the economic role of the online marketplace became more and more important. In 20017, sales from e-commerce sites in Canada reached $102.1 billion. According to the recent forecasts, by 2017 the Internet will account for 25% of all retail sales.

If you have not gone online so far, you must have been thinking of it. Rapid ecommerce developer has brought about increasing numbers of entrepreneurs launching their businesses into the virtual marketplace. So why should your company consider e-commerce? Well, examine the following issues:

1. Your competitors already operate on the web market
2. Percentage of business being handled through the Internet
3. Cutting down business expenses
4. The chance to ‘own’ clients
5. Great opportunities for new markets exploration
6. Gives scope for experimenting with a brand, product offerings, and pricing

Also, think about how your e-commerce website will influence client perception and recognition of your brand and its value. It strongly supports customer access to the brand and client understanding of the brand proposition. But a mere web presence is not enough anymore and has passed into history. It must be professional and well thought of. To succeed online you have to fully understand client needs and satisfy them so that customers will keep on coming back for more. You need to promote your e-commerce business, provide rich information on products and services, offer great client service, give decision support tools. Keep your eCommerce site updated and fully client-oriented. You need to work hard for good online reputation and visibility to build a successful ecommerce design.

Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversion Rate — October 9, 2020

Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversion Rate

If you participate in any sort of online marketing, you must have heard of rich snippets. These are the short descriptions and images that Google displays in their search results, which gives searchers a summary of your web page or post.

Rich snippets improve the visibility of your webpages in the search results, because search engines can better index your site and potentially increase your sales and conversions. Rich snippets are a type of structured data markup, specifically known as microdata, which you can add to the HTML on your website and which provides search engines with a much clear understanding of your webpage’s content.

Without using rich snippets, your search engines results will show the site title, Meta description and URL. With rich snippets, Google is able to display much more information about your content, such as star ratings, number of reviews, price and whether the item is in stock or not.

Rich snippets are not only great for E-commerce websites, but for book or movie review websites, personal websites, recipe websites, event promotions, restaurants, local businesses, music or video sites, and many more.

Using Schema to Generate Rich Snippets

Google added rich snippets to their search engine result pages in 2009 and because they were so popular, in 2011 Google teamed up with Bing and Yahoo! to support a range of “schemas” for use by webmasters, to help these search engines better index their sites.

The result was Schema, or to be more precise. Essentially, webmasters can use the Schema vocabulary and embed this in your HTML using microdata formatting. There are hundreds of different Schema vocabularies for different content types. For example, movie information, job listings, recipes, company information, people, book listings, software applications, and so on.

Whilst in the search results pages it is great to see images for recipes or an author’s photo next to a post they have published, how can adding microdata to your website help to increase your sales and conversions?

Benefits of using Microdata:

Calgary SEO increase the visual impact of your search engine listings and draw searchers’ attention to your web pages.

Search engines have more of an understanding of the content of your web pages and can better present your web pages to interested searchers.

Your listings provide quality results to searchers with a good description of your web page giving them a better understanding of your website, and resulting in more informed buyers and a lower bounce rate on your web pages.

Because listings marked up with Schema are better presented by search engines, these sites may be presented above websites that don’t use microdata – essentially pushing competitors down.

Traffic is more targeted and qualified, because you can show searchers the value of your products, the price, number of reviews and ratings all in one quick snapshot.

With only 0.3% of websites using Schema at present, there is a huge potential to beat the competition and increase traffic to your website, as well as sales and conversions.

Some studies have shown that sites using Schema are ranked higher than sites without microdata and whilst that was not the purpose of supporting Schema, Google may well in the future use the presence of structured data markup in their ranking algorithms.

Remember, Google wants to create the best experience for searchers and so wants to present the best and most relevant results on their pages. The better Google can understand your web pages, the more likely it is that Google will present them to interested searchers. Using rich snippets and Schema is a way for Google to achieve this goal.

Rich snippets not only have the potential to increase your rankings, but also by providing additional information to the searcher, they can help you to communicate your marketing message to your audience and thereby, giving you a leg up over the competition.

Calgary Mobile App Developer for iPhone & Android — September 18, 2020

Calgary Mobile App Developer for iPhone & Android

Mobile App Developer Calgary has extensive expertise in mobile applications development for Mobile Devices ranging from mobile phones to Tablets. Mobile App Developer Calgary develops custom Mobile Apps tailored to fit unique customers’ needs.

The developers at Mobile App Developer Calgary have expert knowledge of all platforms for mobile application programming including Cocoa, Objection C, C++, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, embedded Linux, and Symbian. At Mobile App Development Calgary, we have an expert and skilled team of more than 25+ Mobile Application Developers having an experience of more than 5 years. Our expert Mobile Application Developers are known for providing affordable, effective and eye-catching Mobile Application Development services all over the world.

Creating a great Mobile App is like building a House. First, you have to hire an Architect. Having the best team of developers and designers working on the construction of the Mobile App is essential to avoid costly mistakes along the way. Mobile App Developer know all the newest methods on how to Build and create an App; Mobile App Developer consistently integrate new and innovative strategies to stay one step ahead of other App Development and Design firms.

At Mobile App Developer Calgary we realize that business owners are constantly faced with time constraints, shortages of skilled staff, and need cost-effective resources to help grow their businesses. Mobile App Developer Calgary works with the business owners directly, to identify and implement solutions in order to generate quick results and provide long-term growth in their businesses. Our mobile applications are integrated with backend systems and databases to provide our clients and staff with real-time access to information on their mobile devices.

We put the best possible combination of award-winning developers and designers working on your team. From consulting to design and development to marketing, we will be with you every step of the way. Your App is our Business! Have a great idea but not quite sure how to make it happen? Our mobile App developers will take your idea from concept level to reality in no time! Proper implementation of desired features and creating the business model you are seeking is what we do best. You come up with the idea, and Mobile App Developer Calgary will do the rest! We’ll bring it to life!

Why choose Mobile App Developer Calgary?

Mobile App Developer Calgary boasts a team of creative Mobile Application Developers proficient in Android, JSP/J2EE/Swing/Struts, BlackBerry applications, iPhone software applications, iPad Apps, Windows HTC Mobile software applications, GSM APIs and Blackberry Apps. Mobile App Developer Calgary have the knowledge and the ability to deliver customized Mobile Applications Development tailored to your business needs with the aim of achieving your desired results in mobile device world. The initial Wire Frame of your Mobile App is what we put a lot of effort and attention into.

Our dedicated team of mobile app developers will get to know the in’s and out’s of your project, the main goals of the App so they can get your idea up and running correctly. This helps ensure that Mobile App Developer Calgary get a good final product, building a great App with least amount or errors and bugs later. The wire-framing process is all about planning and refining the flow of the App, ensuring that the desired application and functions meet your needs. Wire-framing sets the course for development and deployment of the App and crucial to the success of the App project.

Mobile App Developer Calgary is the company of talented professional developers who thrive in providing a high level of achievement in the development of Mobile applications. Utilizing Mobile applications in the modern business world is escalating constantly and our Mobile Solutions provide our clients with innovative techniques, cost cutting methods, increase in productivity and high revenue generation.

Our expertise is making your business mobile enabled. Mobile App Developer Calgary, Alberta is your partner in Mobile applications development, offering affordable, reliable, eye-catching and effective solutions to meet your business needs. Mobile App Developer Calgary have expertise in creating innovative products in Mobile Application Development in the most popular and innovative Mobile based platforms.

Our talented team of graphic designers will custom design each screen for your Application, each and every icon and button with your desired specs to give the best impression and to achieve your goals. Design and performance must go hand in hand. Our Mobile App Developers USA, Engineers, and Testers are without a doubt one of the best groups in App development industry.

They will make sure your app works perfectly every time, will never crash and will always outperform. By building a vibrant attractive App you can capture your audience’s attention and can make your App a major hit! Have a dedicated person working just for you. It’s like hiring your own employee, working from within our Mobile Application development Team without incurring those huge hiring costs and overhead from employee expenses.

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